Fall 2020 Clubs Forming!

West Seattle Bowl is re-opening for 2-person clubs!

We are excited to be reopening on August 31 for club practice. Our clubs will start Tuesday, September 8. Please read the details below and then sign up by filling out the contact form at the bottom of the page . We hope to have everyone signed up by Friday, September 4th.

Things will look a little different! Our clubs can only be 2 people per lane. While we are approved to have 2 people on every lane, we plan to initially use every other lane. 

With this in mind, take everything you know about traditional leagues and throw it out the window for now. West Seattle Bowl will be running 3 doubles clubs per night Monday-Thursday (2 on Sunday), which will culminate in an end of the season tournament with the winner taking home some extra cash. Here are some details:

1. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will have clubs with a maximum of 16 teams of 2.
2. League start times are 4:30 pm, 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm (except Sunday) and will go for 14-15 weeks depending on the night.
3. Each team will bowl 3 games on the same lane. (We will not alternate lanes like in traditional leagues).
4. This should take about an hour for your doubles team to play.
5. You will not be allowed in the bowling area more than 15 minutes before your league starts and you will be asked to exit the bowling area when you are finished for sanitizing for the upcoming league. (You are welcome to dine in the restaurant or lounge or visit the pro shop before or after your session).

6. Every league is a $22 per person club fee ($17 lineage - $4 in-club prize fund - $1 end of season tournament)
7. Each club will send the top 25% of it's teams to the finals, which will take place on Monday, December 21 and Tuesday, December 22.
8. The end of season prize fund, if we have 16 teams per club, will be more $7,000.

You may have read in the media about several bowling alleys in our state closing. We do not anticipate having to do this, but with being closed for five months and having reduced capacity for clubs we could use your help! And, there are a few ways you could do this.

1. Pre-pay for the club, the amount would be around $330 depending on the club
2. Buy a gift card or 2!
3. Roll last year's league prize winnings into this year's club fees or a cash card.
4. Continue to visit our restaurant and dine in before or after bowling, or order a meal during your last game to take home.

To practice, please go online and book a time slot for one or two people between 3 pm – 10 pm. Monday-Thursday 8/31 to 9/4. Please note we will be closed Saturday September 5th through Monday September 7th for Labor Day weekend.

We are excited to see you back on the lanes.

Please email us if you have any questions.