League/Club FAQs

Q: Are clubs and leagues the same thing?

A: For the most part, yes. Under our current situation, a club consists of two bowlers and you will bowl on the same lane. Having people join a club (or league) allows us to open under Phase 2. Anyone wanting to bowl during this time will need to join a club.

Q: Since the clubs are doubles, how long will it take to bowl?

A: For doubles clubs, bowling 3 games should only take about an hour.

Q: Can I have food & drink while I bowl?

A: Yes! Actually, we encourage it. You can have food and beverage at the lanes, however, we must follow the rules for all restaurants. Masks may be removed in order to eat or drink. 

Q: Do I have to wear my mask while bowling?

A: At this time, masks must be worn when in the act of bowling.

Q: How crowded will it be during club bowling?

A: The requirements are a maximum of 2 club bowlers per lane. West Seattle Bowl has decided to start the season doing 2 bowlers every other lane. This puts an approximate distance of 11-12 feet between teams.