Kids Birthday Packages

Birthday FAQs

Q:           Can I bring cake and ice cream? What about other food?

A:         Yes. We welcome you to bring your own cake and ice cream. Please be aware though that we don’t allow any other outside food or beverage.

Q:           How many kids per lane?

A:         We recommend having 4-6 kids per lane. This keeps the game moving at a good pace as well as keeping their attention.

Q:           Can I bring my own decorations and grab bags?

A:         Sure! We encourage you to bring your own decorations and grab bags. Piñatas, confetti and silly string are not allowed.

Q:           Do you provide plates, utensils and napkins for the pizza?

A:         Yes we provide those items. If you would like to bring “themed” items you can do that as well.

Q:           Can we stay after our reserved time to do food or presents?

A:         The 1 & 2 hour times are to include time for food, cake & ice cream and gifts if you desire. You need to have the area vacated at the end of your reserved time.